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Analog Birds: “No-Knock” single


>> MP3 ZIP file with both songs and artwork
Download: (

Download : (01 No-Knock.mp3)
Download: (02 Master Breacher.mp3)

5/1/2013 – Our favorite Brazilian blog The Blog That Celebrates Itself posted a new interview with Analog Birds by Renato Malizia. Thank you, Renato!

4/19/13 – Mike Mineo of the excellent Obscure Sound posted a very kind review of “No-Knock.” Viva Indie Rock also featured “No-Knock” today. Thanks guys.

The first new music from Analog Birds since 2007 is here. “No-Knock” is the debut single from the forthcoming 2013 Analog Birds album The First One Follows.

Asa Milbankx: new “Angry Sun” single is released!

Update (3.22.2012): The music video for Angry Sun, directed by Asa Milbankx, is now available. The single has surpassed 11,000 listens on Soundcloud in less than a month. Scroll down to download it.

Download the “Angry Sun” single:

MP3 zip: (
320KBPS MP3 – Zip File with artwork included)
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New Asa Milbankx single “Angry Sun” coming within 14 days

Update: if you are looking at this post but not at the front page, well.. Get over there now! The new single “Angry Sun” is out and available for you to download!

Here at Mount Valley, we have a relatively new policy of not announcing a specific release date or release week for our new records until they are ready to ship.

So, in the spirit of this policy, we are pleased to announce that Asa Milbankx has a brand-new single on the way: Angry Sun. We are even more pleased to announce that Mount Valley will be releasing Angry Sun at some point within the next two weeks.

If you are a fan of Simple Shapes + Patterns or the Milbankx singles, you will love Angry Sun; it is a different sound that you are going to dig.

Watch this space for more details over the coming few days, which will culminate in the release of “Angry Sun.”

Analog Birds: Musique Concrete (2007) is back

If you are a newcomer around these parts, we have something you might enjoy. Analog Birds’ most recent album, 2007′s Musique Concrete, is back for download. You can download the full album below, and/or stream track number 2, “Trophies by the Bay.” If you dig this album, kindly sign up for MVML, our mailing list, on the right-hand side of this page, third box from the top. Thanks for your support.

320KBPS MP3 version (10 tracks plus PDF booklet)
24bit/48khz FLAC version (10 tracks plus PDF booklet)

Asa Milbankxs 2008 Album: Simple Shapes + Patterns

As we prepare for the onslaught of new Asa Milbankx material, lets take a trip back to a more innocent time… October in the Year of Our Lord 2008.

It was a time when we had George W Bush in the White House, a time when we the economy was just beginning its rickety collapse… a collapse that many believe was exacerbated by Simple Shapes + Patterns.

Under the band name The Latters, and the pseudonyms Jon Domino and JM Ward, Asa Milbankx recorded and produced the entire album himself. Unfortunately, he also drew the childlike and off-putting cover artwork, but you cant win em all. After the release of this album, some of you may have seen the Latters play live; it was quite a spectacle. The group blossomed into something more than the solo album that preceded it.

Now we present, for the first time in a year or so, the entire album, for your freeloading pleasure. In 320KBPS MP3:

Download here:


Download 2007's Musique Concrete by Analog Birds

Upcoming releases for April 2013:

Analog Birds: "No-Knock" single

Recent releases:

January 2013:

02: Asa Milbankx: "Roads + Junctions" b/w "Before We Say Goodnight" Digital 45 is here to download now! Two songs, just like the old days...

01: Analog Birds TFOF Video Preview #01 with the first new music from the group since 2007. Stay tuned for the single and album!


Winter 2013:
New Milbankx mini-album Invisible Diamonds...


February 20, 2012:
Angry Sun by Asa Milbankx.

Now available:
Asa Milbankx has a brand-new single "Angry Sun", the first MP3 that can give you sunburn. Download it here right now.


December 19, 2011: Fresher/Abaco by Asa Milbankx.

Now available:
Asa Milbankx's latest digital 45, "Fresher/Abaco." It has two tracks, for double the enjoyment. Click here to download or stream it.
Latest promos & teasers
January 21, 2012: The brand-new Analog Birds Video Preview #01 is here!

February 8, 2012: Stream or Download Newlands, a mostly completed instrumental track by M9A9

February 6, 2012: Stream or download Baby in Killzone, a surreal unfinished teaser track by Ali A.B.of Analog Birds.

January 16, 2012: Watch Asa Milbankx's acoustic cover of the Curtis Mayfield song "Move On Up."

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